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Design Principles

Design Principles

Our philosphy

Our Product Design Principles reflect how we think about design. They provide a way for us to look at the work we create and how we create it: Building the right thing; building the thing right – distinctively Shopware.

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These Principles are the foundation of Shopware's products and services, they're important whether you work at Shopware or you're developing apps or other solutions for Shopware's eco-system.

♿️ Accessibility and Inclusivity

Design experiences that are accessible to users of all abilities and backgrounds, fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities for engagement.

Learn more about our commitment to accessibility

⚖️ Data-Informed Decision Making

Leverage data, user-research, analytics, and feedback to drive informed design decisions. Embrace the iterative nature of design and be open to evolving and improving our work to adapt quickly to new learnings and business needs.

💙 Sticky Merchant and Shopper Experiences

Create engaging experiences that foster long-term relationships with users. Focus on delivering seamless onboarding, intuitive interfaces, and powerful tools. Simplify complex tasks and create personalized experiences driving increased engagement and conversions.

🚴 Reduce Friction, aim for Simplicity

Strive for simplicity and clarity in design, eliminating unnecessary complexity and reducing friction to create intuitive and efficient user interfaces and workflows. Prioritize and simplify choices, minimize distractions, and provide empowering UX writing.

🍦 Streamlined and Consistent Experiences

Prioritize delivering streamlined and consistent experiences by utilizing our design system. Reduce cognitive load by maintaining consistency in layouts, design elements, typography, and interactions accross our products to enhance user satisfaction.

😇 Ethical Design Practices

Uphold ethical design principles, respecting user privacy, promoting transparency, and avoiding manipulative techniques that compromise user trust. We build products that put people and the planet first.

We at Shopware strive to build a better tomorrow every day.

As designers and engineers, it's our responsibility to reduce Shopware's footprint in mother nature. Even small decisions we make can have an impact on our carbon footprint. Build products that last longer and follow a sustainable purpose. Always reflect on a product's impact – think about reducing file size, turn off your monitor while at lunch or maybe even consider implementing a dark mode that drastically reduces energy consumption.

Create products with purpose and always prefer the sustainable, long-lasting option when thinking about merchandising, events or physical products.

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