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Content Experience 101

Shopware's Content Experience guide goes into depth on many subjects. It may be more information than you need. Here are the most important things to know. Use this TL;DR only in situations where you are looking for quick information.


Shopware's content is:

  • Clear
  • Useful
  • Friendly
  • Appropriate

Shopware's content:

  • Empowers the reader
  • Repects the reader
  • Educates the reader
  • Engages the reader

Voice and tone

Shopware's voice is:

  • Clear and direct
  • Personal and authentic
  • Honest and passionate

We have a sense of humor, but we value clarity over entertainment. Our priorities are to educate our users about our products without patronizing or confusing them, so they can get their work done and get on with their lives.

Grammar and mechanics

  • Some people will read every word you write. Others will just scan.
  • Help everyone by grouping related ideas together and using descriptive headers and subheaders.
  • Focus your message, and create a hierarchy of information.
  • Lead with the main point or the most important content.
  • Use active voice and positive language.
  • Use short words and sentences.
  • Use specific examples.
  • Avoid vague language.
  • Avoid slang, idioms, and cliches.
  • Avoid unnecessary abbreviations.
  • Be consistent. Adhere to the copy patterns and style points outlined in this guide.
  • Don’t use underline, and don’t use any combination of italic, bold, caps, and underline.
  • When in doubt, read your writing out loud.