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Abbreviations and acronyms

Abbreviations and acronyms


Abbreviations are any shortened or contracted word or phrase. Abbreviations can be convenient: they can also cause confusion if used incorrectly.


Acronyms are a type of abbreviation. They shorten phrases in a specific way— using parts of the initial word or phrase (usually letters) to form an abbreviation. For example, DIY or ASAP.

Technical language

Avoid any technical language and unfamiliar words, write in plain language. Our Shopware brand voice favors being clear and direct to all types of users, so use simple, commonly-understood language. If you need to use a technical term, briefly define it so everyone can understand.

If there’s a chance your reader won’t recognize an abbreviation or acronym, spell it out the first time you mention it. Then use the short version for all other references.


If the abbreviation or acronym is well known, like API or HTML, use it instead (and don’t worry about spelling it out).


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