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Meteor 101

Meteor 101

Meteor’s mission

Meteor serves as the bedrock for all of Shopware's products, a unified system encompassing components, styles, visuals, and guidelines. It helps us work together more efficiently and provides a unified process across teams. This collective approach ensures the creation of empowering and delightful experiences for all merchants within the Shopware ecosystem.

Meteor in numbers

At Shopware, Meteor serves 53 Projects, providing 130 components, 830+ Icons, and 200 styles. The Shopware Administration is the largest project using Meteor Design System. In Figma our team has Ø 740 component inserts weekly. Meteor is maintained by a dedicated group of Designers, UX Engineers and QA Specialists. Current numbers (02/2024) show Meteor is used by 4.5K people outside Shopware. (This number includes downloads on the Figma community, usage on npm and GitHub)

The Meteor Icon Kit is our best performing resource on the Figma Community.

Meteor Icon Kit on Figma Community