Shopware Admin UI, Shopware Admin UI Kit and Shopware Icon Kit are in active development. New updates will included bug fixes, new functionality, components, documentation and general improvements. All notable changes will be documented here.

Component Status



Released: October 26, 2020 – 15:05

🚜 General changes

  • Updated shopware logo
    • Added blue logo version
    • Updated naming
  • Updated library preview
    • Updated shopware logo to reflect recent changes → shopware design
    • Updated shopware 6 branding
  • Updated “status/marker” to reflect correct icon and colours
  • Updated translations of “components/activity feed”
  • Added “Components/Buttons/Default/Link/External/”
  • Added “Components/Buttons/Default/Link/Internal/”
  • Added first draft of "Components/Buttons/Move/Actions/"
  • Added “Components/Buttons/Destructive/”
  • Deprecated “x_ignore” symbols
    • As “Meteor Tools – 1.0.0” was added as new library for internal tooling, all current tooling will be removed from “Meteor Foundation”
  • Updated all needed symbols to use new “05 Card Headline”
  • Updated layer naming of buttons
  • Updated names of font pages
  • Renamed “Input fields” to “Forms”
  • Fixed symbol style of “Components/Media/Upload/” → The Icon is now correctly colored
  • Renames “Main Navigation” to “Navigation”
    • Renamed “Compact Navigation” to “Collapsed”
    • Renamed “Default Navigation” to “ Default”
  • Added “UI Frame” folder
    • Smartbar, Topbar, Pagination, Toolbar, Navigation and Search are now located here
  • Card Headers have a new home
    • Moved “Card Headers” from “Grid” → “Cards/Elements”
  • Added “Overlays”
    • Moved “Modal” and “Tooltip” to “Overlays”
  • Added “Feedback Indicators”
    • Moved “Notifications” and “Progressbar” to “Feedback Indicators”
  • Added “Activity”
    • Updated “Activity feed”
  • Moved radio buttons, switches to “Forms”
  • Added “Grids and Lists”
    • Moved “Grid” into this new category
    • Moved “List” into this new category
    • Moved “Tree” into this new category

📝 Text styles

  • Updated naming of all text styles to make them easier to use
  • Renamed “small” to “Footnote”
  • Renamed “regular” to “01 Default”
  • Text styles now show their alignment
  • Renamed “🖥 Desktop” to “Inter UI” to reflect current usage of text styles
  • Moved text styles from “_deprecated” to “🖥 Desktop”
  • Added “04 Positive” to most text styles
  • Added “05 Neutral” to most text styles
  • Added “06 Attention” to most text styles
  • Added italic to most text styles
  • Moved current headline text styles to “xx Legacy”
  • Added “02 Caption” text style
  • Added “04 Inline Headline”
  • Added “05 Card Headline”


Released: July 24, 2020 – 11:55

  • Updated textstyle for links, links are now underlined
  • Updated translation "Components/Rule/Container-operator/Oder"
  • Updated translation "_Deprecated/Components/Smartbar/Content/Detail"
  • Fixed an display issue where the primary button would behave wrong "_Deprecated/Components/Smartbar/Settings/List"
  • Updated textstyle of tags “Components/Tag/Tag/"
  • Updated library to reflect the latest Shopware version
  • Fixed an display issue with inherited cards "Components/Card/"
  • Required fields work as intended now
  • This version restores full compatibility with Meteor's Icon-Kit
  • "Components/Avatar/" relects a larger variety of people now.
    • "Jennifer Johnson", has been Shopware's Admin avatar for the last four years. Yet, the picture was recently replaced with a similar, but slightly more neutral one. Reason for this being the bright face marks our previous "Jennifer Johnson" model is wearing. On closer inspection, we could not verify the markings to be simple asthetics. In order to avoid unwanted cultural or religious implications or confusion, we therefore decided to bring in the substitute now. Furthermore we seized the opportunity and included an even larger variety of people to our avatar collection.
Known Issues
  • "Components/List/Tree" uses wrong active and hover textstyle
  • Due to a number of reasons "Components/Smartbar/" will not be deprecated by the end of July as previously announced. See details at: Component Status.


Please welcome "Meteor" the newest member of the Shopware family!

Released: January 14, 2020 – 14:50

  • Renamed "Shopware 6 Design System" to "Shopware Meteor".
    • Meteor is a thing now 🥳!
  • Upgraded Library to Sketch 61
  • Upgraded Sketch Library Performance
  • Removed Abstract Collection Previews
  • Updated version in "Components/Main Navigation/Default Navigation"
  • Page was renamed from "_internal" to "x_ignore"
  • Symbol was renamed from "Components/Table" to "Components/Data Grid"
  • Updated "Components/Data Grid/"
    • Data Grid is now Sketch 61 compatible
    • The Data Grid is now easier to use and comes in different states to choose from
  • Updated Shopware Meteor Icon Kit to latest version
    • Added 20+ new Icons
  • Important deprecation Inputfields now finally behave like inputfields. We removed all inputfields that were part of the Sketch Library from version 0.5.0 to 0.7.1!
    • Removed 250+ inputfield symbols (states)
    • Added "parts" to our symbol architecture
    • Added "Components/Inputfields/Inputfield" – This is your new go to component for inputfields
    • Added "Components/Inputfields/Inputfield-wysiwyg" – This is your new go to component for our WYSIWYG editor
    • Working with inputfields should feel a lot easier and snappier now due to new architecture.
  • Important deprecation "Components/Smartbar" will be deprecated by the end of March and removed by the end of July. Please head over to Component Status for detailed information.


Released: April 09, 2019 – 23:10

  • Updated Library to Sketch 54 (76480)


Released: April 09, 2019 – 14:25

  • Changed how cards are handled by the Design System and added different states to cards. You can now choose between "Responsive" and "Basic"-Card. Also, a skeleton loading element was added.
    • Added "Components/Card/Elements/Skeleton/Basic Skeleton"
    • Added "Components/Card/Type/Responsive Card"
    • Renamed and reorganized how cards are saved internally to increase the usabillty of our Design System
  • Draft Changes were made to colors to reflect WCAG guidelines for contrast ratio
  • Draft A first approach to notification pills was made but not yet implemented into workflows (symbols).
    • Added "Badges/Dot"
    • Added "Badges/Primary/Single digit"
    • Added "Badges/Primary/Double digits"
    • Added "Badges/Primary/Max digits"
    • Added "Badges/Standard/Single digit"
    • Added "Badges/Standard/Double digits"
    • Added "Badges/Standard/Max digits"
    • Added "Badges/Important/Single digit"
    • Added "Badges/Important/Double digits"
    • Added "Badges/Important/Max digits"
    • Added "Components/Tag/Status/Success"
    • Added "Components/Tag/Status/Critical"
    • Added "Components/Tag/Status/Warning"
  • Updated "Components/List/Tree"
  • Refactored form elements to reflect every state a input can have
    • Added linked form elements
    • Inherited form elements are now linked to their parent entity
  • Removed any reference to Catalogues
    • Removed Catalogues Smartbar "Components/Smartbar/Catalogs/List"
    • Removed Catalogues Smartbar "Components/Smartbar/Catalogs/Detail"
    • Removed Catalogues Icon
  • Added "/Components/Tabs/Basic"
    • Renamed and reorganized tab navigation
    • Changed color and sizing of elements to reflect WCAG guidelines
    • Added the possibility to have tabs in cards
  • Removed "Grid"-Artboard
  • Renamed layers of “Components/Tooltip” for better understanding
  • Renamed layers of “Components/Badges” for better understanding
  • Symbol was renamed from "Components/Menu/Default" to "Components/Main Navigation/Default Navigation"
  • Symbol was renamed from "Components/Menu/Compact" to "Components/Main Navigation/Compact Navigation"
  • Fixed a typo in "Components/Smartbar/Customer List"
  • Renamed “Colors” to “Colours” to match british english
  • Important deprecation Inputfields will be deprecated by the end of 2019! A new architecture will replace current behaviour.