With openness as one of our core values, we will always provide you with a transparent overview of our product development. The Meteor Design System Roadmap shows you what we are working on, what we want to tackle next, and what visions we have for the future.

See a detailed Roadmap of Shopware 6


📚 Figma Community Files

We have released several files to the Figma Community including our Icon Kit, Meteor Foundation and more.

Released 4.3.0

Meteor Icon Kit

With over 300+ beautiful designed icons – developed exclusively for Shopware.

Our Sketch Library including the Icon Kit makes it as easy as counting 1...2...3... to include our Icon Kit into your projects.

Download the Shopware Icon Kit

Released 4.3.0

Meteor Icon Kit (npm package)



Meteor Component Library (vue.js / npm package)

Shopware's design system to build empowering and delightful experiences for all of Shopware’s merchants.


Released 1.0.0

Storefront UI Kit for Sketch

A UI Kit to kickstart Shopware theme development 💙

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